21. April  2020. - written by B. Batki & Z. Batki

13+1 free games for kids in lockdown:
free board games and free card games

As we approach a full month in lockdown, with no end in sight, we are all undoubtedly struggling to keep ourselves occupied. This especially becomes hard for those of us with young kids at home, who need tireless entertainment. Well, we’re determined to make your lives just a little easier with this list of family board games you can download for free and play with your kids. From a hilariously poopy card game to a board game which not only entertains but educates, and even cooperative games, they are bound to bring the whole family together! Our list of free games can be played from the ages of 4 and is sure to occupy the little ones for several laughter-filled hours. So for the next few hours put down your phones and tablets, turn off the tv, and make the most of this lockdown with our following list of free board games for kids that are not only fun but will absolutely bring the family closer together in the best way possible!

Here are 13 free board games + our own hilarious card game for kids The Pooper Heroes. 

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2-4 Players, 20-30 minutes, 8+ years
Designed by: Sébastien Pauchon
Free game download: https://tinyurl.com/txz3rmr
Corinth is a nice roll and write board game for kids and families. It is actually a dice-only version of the board game Yspahan, so you will need 12 dice to be able to play this game after downloading and printing the free game.
Corinth will let you live a few weeks in a harbor in the Ancient World. You will play the role of merchants delivering goods and goats and become the most well known among your peers.



3-6 Players, 30 minutes, 8+ years
Designed by: Jean-Louis Roubira 
Free game download: https://print-and-play.asmodee.fun/dixit/
This unique combination of a card game and story telling won the Game of the Year award (Spiel des Jahres) in 2010. You can now download a free game demo of this lovingly illustrated game, where the players’ imaginations unlock the story. In this award-winning free board game, players will use the beautiful imagery on their cards to bluff their opponents and guess which image matches the story. 


Not so Happy families

3-6 Players, 10-25 minutes, 6+ years 
Designed by: Tristam Rossin
Free game download: http://www.brightlight.games/download-not-so-happy-families
It’s a fun family game based loosely on the original “Happy families” card game but with some fun twists. In Not so happy families you have to collect sets of families to earn points that you can use to acquire "Black sheep" cards.  



2 players, 20 minutes, 8+ years
Designed by: Josh & Helaina Cappel
Free game downloads: https://www.kidstablebg.com/shop

Foodfighters is a fun and light two-player battle game for kids or for their parents. The players control their own teams of food trying to win a food fight against each other. In this download for free game you will find the cards and some custom dice you will need to glue or scoth-tape together before starting the game.


Dobble / Spot It!

2-8 Players, 15 minutes, 6+ years
Designed by: Denis Blanchot, Jacques Cottereau
Free game download: https://print-and-play.asmodee.fun/dobble/
Concentrate, observe and act fast to win this popular card game for kids. Dobble challenges players to find matching symbols on a set of cards, and the first player to find and name the symbol wins the card. In this free demo version, there are 16 cards, each with 6 symbols while in the original version you'll find 55 cards, each with 8 symbols. Yet, this free card game is a good fun to play with your children.


Colour My Kritters

2-6 Players, 20-30 minutes, 6+ years
Designed by: Jørgen Brunborg-Næss
Free game download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1S4-tEXrowlpnnGKYkKY5-Go-sbyIKLY0
Another fully playable free card game for kids. There are 126 playing cards in Colour My Kritters and despite that your kritters have no colour, you better print the cards in colour. In the free game you will collect as many kritters as you can in each of the three colours, and try to get a hold of a mixing bowl and a paint brush for each colour to fill them with life.


Open Ocean

1-5 Players,
Design: Joel Bodkin
Free game download: https://featherstonegames.com
Open Ocean is a card drafting and placement game for 2-5 player’s. Over the course of three rounds, each player rebuilds a section of the coral reef by picking a card from their current hand, playing it into their reef, and attracting additional cards from the Ocean, a shared pool of cards that is constantly changing. To download the free game you need to subscribe on the website. 


Moonlight Hippos and the Dreaded Croc

2-4 Players, 20-40 minutes, 8+ years
Designed by: Jeff Black and Josh Black
Free game download: https://jfeast.itch.io/moonlight-hippos-and-the-dreaded-croc
Another indie game, which was designed to be an entry-level, family weight cooperative game for kids, families, and anyone who wants to play. It features action selection and set collection as mechanics. In the free game players win cooperatively by getting all four hippos back to the watering hole before the Dreaded Crocodile arrives at dawn. All players win or lose together.


Waffle Hassle

1-2 Players, 10-15 minutes, 6+ years
Designed by: Israel Cendrero, Sheila Santos
Free game download: https://www.pnparcade.com/collections/free-games/products/waffle-hassle
Oh, this corona virus pandemic took away our restaurants and waffle houses, but do not worry. You can still have a scrumtious waffle in this mini card game (18 playing cards only) In Waffle Hassle you’ll try to make the perfect waffle with your favorite toppings. But be careful because you're sharing it so apply the recipe as best as you can. 


Combo Color

2-4 Players, 20 minutes, 8+ years
Designed by: Charles Chevalier & Laurent Escoffier
Free game download: https://print-and-play.asmodee.fun/combo/
Combo Color is a strategic family game. Explore and expand your territory by coloring the boxes on the board in turn, while also collecting and combining items to win the most points. When the whole board is colored in, it’s time to count your points! The free demo game contains two 1-sided boards. 



2-5 Players, 20 minutes, 6+ years
Designed by: Adam McCrimmon
Free game download: https://www.pnparcade.com/collections/free-games/products/robot-lab
Robot Lab is a STEM-inspired, color matching, robot building race of invention. In this light card game for kids you take on the role of a scientist trying to be the first to assemble a robot. You draw parts from the lab and actions cards that help you to win the game.


Match 5 

2-8 Players, 20 minutes, 10+ years
Designed by: Synapses Games 
Free game download: http://jeuxsynapsesgames.com/en/game/match-5/
In MATCH 5, all you need to do is find a common link between 2 Word Cards. Use your imagination to find an answer to each of the 10 combinations... in 3 minutes!


Concept Kids

4-12 Players, 20 minutes, 4+ years
Designed by: Alain Rivollet & Gaëtan Beaujannot
Free game download: https://print-and-play.asmodee.fun/concept-kids/
Concept Kids Animals is an adaptation of the game Concept into a cooperative version meant for kids aged 4 and up. The object of the game is to use the icons on the board to make the other players guess as many animals as possible and win together! In the free demo version you will find 22 cards and simplified rules. 


The Pooper Heroes card game

3-7 Players, 15 minutes, 7+ years
Designed by: Zsolt Batki
The Pooper Heroes free game download 
This new card game is very popular with kids and families, because it is easy-to-learn, fast-paced and hilarious. If you want to forget all your troubles for half an hour, play with Pooperman, The Flush and with the other Pooper Heroes for free. Just download the print and play version with the simplified graphics which is also colour blind friendly. Then cut out the 75 playing cards, but be careful: this is the game where every card can turn into poop and the player with the fewest card in their poop pile will be the winner. 

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