Pooperman's four step potty training programme

It is sooo simple! Only four steps and you can become a Pooper Heroe yourself. Just follow the instructions from The Pooperman and complete this Potty Training programme. 
This potty training programme is designed for poofessionals only. Not recommended for underage / overage potty builders. 

The Pooperman
Potty training - sit-up

Potty training first step: sit-up | 50 rep | 15 mins.

Potty training - pulldown

Potty training second step: pulldown | 30 rep | 20 mins.

Potty training - push up

Potty training third step: push up | 40 rep | 10 mins.

Potty training - running in place

Potty training fourth step: running in space | 30 mins.

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