the pooper heroes P&P game

In this fun game every card can turn into poop, and if that happens, you won't want to keep them in your hand, so you'll put them on the table in front of you. That will be your poop pile and your goal is to have the smallest pile by the end of the game. Use the best tactics and the power of the Pooper Heroes to win the game.

The Pooper Heroes Card game

3-7 players

Ages 7 and up

15 minutes to play

This was a really fun game and one of the best I've played. Fun for family.

(Samuel, 7 year old)


(Jamie V. @ BBB)

I yould play it in my classroom with the kids. They love everything with poop...

(Lauren, primary school teacher)

Before you download your free game...

My name is Zsolt Batki, I designed The Pooper Heroes card game, and now I share the Print and Play version with you for free. Why?
I started working on this game in January 2019 after visiting a toy trade show where I could not find the game I was looking for. I wanted something simple and fun that all members of my family could equally enjoy: my 8 yo son and my teen daughters as well. I worked hard, playtested a lot and was ready to publish my game when the coronavirus pandemic hit us. We have been fighting with the COVID-19 virus in isolation for weeks now, and I know that many other families are in a similar situation.
As they say, laughter is the best medicine and The Pooper Heroes family card game is about fun and laughter. This is why I'm giving my game to the families who are in self-isolation or under lockdown for free. Print it at home and enjoy playing with The Pooper Heroes.

get your p&P copy

The Pooper Heroes Card Game P&P version

Optimized for home printing

You'll only need four A4 sheets, a printer (preferably colour print) and scissors to cut the cards, and then you are ready to play our fun family game.

Simple graphics, same fun

The same level of fun guaranteed as in the original version, but the graphics are more simple, so it won't take much ink to print the 75 playing cards at home

Rules included in you package

In the Downloaded file you will find three pdf files with the playing cards +  one with the Rules.
The rules are available in: ENGLISH, GERMAN, HUNGARIAN

Please register your download and I'll send your access to the files in a few minutes.

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It is encouraging to see how many people download the FREE POOPER HEROES FAMILY CARD GAME. If you register your download above you help me to keep on working in similar games and fun projects. 
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