Frequently Asked Questions!

The Pooper Heroes card game has original gameplay. While we tried to explain everything in the rulebook, you might find yourself in doubt in certain situations. If you can't find the answer here, you can ask the creator of the game for guidance.

Only if you run out of cards from your hand at the end of your turn. Otherwise every card you draw from the draw pile should be either played instantly or placed on top of you poop pile.

Any other card can be played on top of a card with a Pooper Hero picture on it. 

Draw three new cards from the draw pile, but do not play these new cards - your turn is already over.

No. You can only use a food card to initiate an attack on other players, and only if the picture on your food card matches the picture of the card on top of their Poop pile.

No. You can only scoop a card into your hand either from your own poop pile or from another player's poop pile. If there are no poop piles on the table this action can not be performed.


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