Games you can play with the Pooper Heroes cards

Pooper Heroes - the game

Pooper Heroes

The most po-poolar game variant for 2-7 players, ages 7+.

Happy Nappy - the game

Happy Nappy

A simple variant for young children and beginners. 2-7 players, ages 5+.

Pooper Troopers - the game

Pooper Troopers

A more fun and interactive variant for 3-7 advanced players. Ages 9+.


Learn how to play the 
Pooper Heroes
card game.


How to play Go Poo card game rules

Do you know how to play Go Fish, the classic light card game? Well, here is a funny new version to play with the Pooper Heroes play cards deck: Go Poo. It doesn't matter if you know the Go Fish rules already or not, because we explain how to play this poop card game in details.

The original Go Fish game is played with a deck of classic playing cards (you know, the one with Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades) and the goal of the Go Fish game is collect the most "books" of four cards. There are many different rules for Go Fish and we tested a lot of them searching for the perfect variation to play with The Pooper Heroes playing cards. Naturally, we had to make some adjustments since the Go Fish game is played with 52 cards and 4 suits while Go Poo is played with 60 playing cards in 5 colours. Oh, and we are collecting "meals" of five cards in the Go Poo card game, the silly adaptation of Go Fish.

Here are the rules for Go Poo card game. 

Set up
Remove all white Action Cards from the deck. Shuffle the deck and deal 6 cards to each player or 7 if there are only two players. Players should keep their cards hidden from other players. The rest of the cards stay face down in the middle. This will be your draw pile. Now pick a player to go first, for example the person who most recently went to poo.

The goal is to collect meals, which are sets of five cards of the same food or drink, by asking other players for cards you think they may have. Whoever collects the most meals wins.

Taking turns
Players will take turns in clockwise order.

The first player asks another player if they have any cards with the same picture as one of their own cards. For example Player A can ask Player B if she has any banana, but only if Player A has a banana card in their hand.

If the other player has any cards with that picture, they must give all their cards with this picture to the player who asked for them. In our example, Player B has to give all the banana cards to Player A. Then the first player (Player A in our example) gets another turn and may again ask any of the other players for any picture already held by the asker.

If the other player doesn't have a card with the picture asked for, they say "Go poo" and the first player has to take a card from the draw pile. Now it is the next player's turn.

As soon as a player collects a meal of 5 cards of the same food or drink, this must be shown and discarded face down.

If you have no cards left, you can take two from the top of the draw pile.

The end of the Go Poo game
The game ends when there are no more cards in the draw pile and the player with the most complete meals wins. To break a tie you can take into account any uncomplete meals the players may have.


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