Farty Godmother & Royal Poo

Farty Godmother &

the Royal Poo

Read the new adventures of Farty Godmother - a hilariously funny children's book from the creator of the Pooper Heroes card game. Subscribe to my newsletter so you won't miss the next story, and download this free pdf e-book now.

Meet the legendary founders of the most elite pooper hero club of the world, the Just Sit League. Their mission is simple: to defeat all the Pooper Villains so we can just sit back, relax, and do our business.

The Pooper Heroes Card game

About Pooperman

Pooperman is the ultimate pooper hero, with pooperhuman powers and senses, who bravely flies to the darkest corners of the pooniverse, where no human has gone before (except for number twos).

Pooperman is the sole survivor of a spectacular galactic caca- tastrophy. His home was overpopulated, and the people emitted so much poo-pollution, that a pooclear chain reaction was about to destroy his entire planet. Luckily, Pooperman’s father saw the impending doom in time and sent his son to Earth in an intergalactic portapotty. Since that day, he has been protecting us from
pooper villains.

The Pooper Heroes Card game

About the Flush

Always in a rush with a brush, here comes the Flush – the fastest toilet cleaner alive! He runs at poopersonic speed and nothing can stop him (except that dog poo he just stepped in).

The Flush worked as a janitor for experimental scientist Dr Pooperstein in his smelly laboratory until one night when something impoosible happened. Flush was carrying a giant tank of toilet waste to the sewer overflow when a lightning bolt struck him. In that second his life turned upside down. So did the tank. Its toxic content flooded the lab, engulfing him in its flow. As he was fighting for his life,
his brush started to move faster and faster until it swept out the whole mess in one giant poonami wave. Flush was transformed into the fastest pooper hero ever.

The Pooper Heroes Card game

About Poop Fairy

Poop Fairy is brave, Poop Fairy is strong – she is the greatest poofighter of them all! 

Poop Fairy was just another happy little tooth fairy, flying around the world and collecting children’s teeth from under their pillows, until the mad scientist Dr Pooperstein captured the Fairy Queen. He wouldn’t let the queen go until the fairies brought him enough poo for his next experiment. The poor fairies worked day and night, but it
was never enough, so our little friend here decided to fight back. Poop Fairy flew east to master the mystic martial arts of kakarate and taekwondoodoo. Once she had earned her brown belt, she returned to defeat Pooperstein’s hundred henchmen and free the Fairy Queen.

The Pooper Heroes Card game

About Farty Godmother

A unicorn farts a rainbow, and a princess’s poo smells like a rose – but only if Farty Godmother is there to work her magic.

Farty Godmother grew up with her two loving grandparents in their magical perfume brewery, where
she spent her days helping her grandfarter create healing scents, adding the perfect amount of happiness to every bottle. All was well, until the evil gangster, Al Capoone took them hostage and forced them to brew his illegal energy drink instead, the disgusting Caca-Cola. The brave little girl soon escaped and joined the Godmother Squad where she learned to use her pooper skills against the farty felons in her new life as Farty Godmother. 


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