The Pooper Heroes

They are poo-fessional heroes. They take poop from no one. And they are ready to play with you in the upcoming family card game, The Pooper Heroes. 

Poo Poop

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The Pooper Heroes




... because they might get pooped on.

This family card game starts up as easy but becomes exciting when food cards turn into poop in your hand, and gets hilarious when you punish someone with a big pile. Whoever is stuck with the most poop cards at the end is the loser. Use the best tactics and the power of the Pooper Heroes to pass the smelliest cards and win the game.

2-7 players

Ages 5 and up

15 minutes to play


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SOLO GAME: Clean the table - a fun one player card game with The Pooper Heroes playing cards

You have poop on your table and you need to clean it before your friends come over for dinner. 
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Go Poo card game - our new game is here! 
A fun version of the poo-pular Go Fish Game. 

A silly adaptation of the Go Fish game to play with The Pooper Heroes play cards deck: Go Poo is here! The goal is to collect meals, which are sets of five cards of the same food or drink, by asking other players for cards. Whoever collects the most meals wins.
Learn the Go Poo rules and play this free new game with your friends or family.

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The Pooper Heroes Card Game

Family friendly design

Designed with children in mind, these colorful cards have no long texts or instructions on them, only cute and friendly pictures.

Simple & unique rules

Learn only 2 new unique rules: if you draw a card you have to use it immediately, and if you can't use it you must stack it up on your own poop pile. 

Balance of Luck & Strategy

Good timing, the right tactics or a lucky draw can be equaly important to win this game which usually ends before you wish.

3 difficulty levels

Happy Nappy: the easy going way to play with young children. Pooper Looper: level number 2 for all ages. Troops of Poops: poofessionals only.

meet the heroes

The Flush

The Flush

The fastest loo cleaner alive
Pooper Power: flushes away a troop of poops in a flash



The infectiuos anti-hero
Pooper Power: turns anything into poop with a single touch



Visitor from an other pooniverse
Pooper Power: blows away smelly enemies with a small sigh

What other people think about the game...

The Pooper Heroes card game was played by many children and adults at such great events as the UK Games EXPO 2019 and the Birmingham Board Game Bash.

This was a really fun game and one of the best I've played. Fun for family.

(Samuel, 7 year old)


(Jamie V. @ BBB)

I yould play it in my classroom with the kids. They love everything with poop...

(Lauren, primary school teacher)

The creators

Game design: Zsolt Batki

Artwork: Monika Dusik

Created and manufactured in the European Union.

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