The Pooper Heroes Card game

The Pooper Heroes

card game

A fun family card game with original gameplay and with hilarious heroes for up to seven players from the age of 5. Available now.

How to play the Pooper Heroes Card Game video

How to play video

Learn the basic rules of the Pooper Heroes card game.

Free e-book: Farty Godmother & The Royal Poo

Free Poo-tastic book

Get my latest children's book Farty Godmother and the Royal Poo.

Meet Pooperman, the Flush, Poop Fairy & Farty Godmother

The Just Sit League

Meet Pooperman, The Flush, Farty Godmother and Poop Fairy.

Pooper Heroes Card Game

Pooper Heroes is the only card game out there in which every card can turn into poo in your hand, and if that happens, you won't hold those smelly cards in your hand. Stack them face up on the table in front of you: that's your Poop pile. Your goal is to get rid of it by the end of the game with the help of the Pooper Heroes. 


Simple Gameplay

Easy to learn and play for the whole family, it gives everyone equal chance to win.


3 Difficulty Levels

We created three difficulty levels for ages 5+, 7+ and 9+ so it works for all the family.

Poop Fairy

Have Fun & Learn

Meet the Pooper Heroes and learn fun facts about how food turns into poo while playing.

The Flush

Compact Box

It’s the perfect game to be taken anywhere to keep young ones entertained.


4 Bonus Stories

We added 16 pages to the rule book with hilariously funny Pooper Heroes stories.  

Farty Godmother

Get More Online

Read more Pooper Heroes Stories or learn New Games on our website.

Download the Rules

You can download the full rulebook of the Pooper Heroes card game from here in different languages.

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